Meet Our Authors

Shanti Sumartojo

Dr Shanti Sumartojo is a human geographer and interdisciplinary design researcher at Monash University and an Adjunct at RMIT University. Her research explores how people experience their spatial surroundings, including both material and immaterial aspects, with a particular focus on the built environment. Her recent books include Uncertainty and Possibility: New Approaches to Future-Making in Design Anthropology (with Yoko Akama and Sarah Pink) and Atmospheres and the Experiential World: Theory and Methods (with Sarah Pink).

Natasha Sutila

Natasha Sutila is an artist, curator and arts administrator with a background in contemporary jewellery and objects. Working as part of the School of Design at RMIT University, she managed the program of exhibitions and events at The Exchange. 

Will Swanton

The author, Will Swanton, is a cricket writer for News Ltd. He has been working as a journalist for over ten years, most recently for the Sydney Morning Herald. He has covered Test matches worldwide, as well as the Olympics and other major sporting events. He is the author of The Mighty Mullygrubber Malone. 

John Tait

John Tait runs a record and book shop in Essendon. He has a Science degree and a Masters in Theology, neither of which are at all relevant to his work as a rock historian. John has had a hand in a number of music books, notably Vanda & Young. He assisted Dingoes bass player John Bois in publishing his music memoir The Dingoes Lament (Melbourne Books). He has had music articles published in Shindig, Ugly Things, Rhythms and The Age. John once had a breakfast show on community radio, until he played an uncensored Nine Inch Nails song by mistake. Tait is the author of Tait's Modern Guide to Record Collecting and a co-author of Captain Matchbox and Beyond.

David Tenenbaum

Co-author David Tenenbaum has written several books including Wendi Choulai and Rolled Gold, and is the Publisher of Melbourne Books. He is also a keen lawn bowler who plays in the Pennant competition in Melbourne. 

Mick Thomas

Mick Thomas is an Australian music legend! Mick was born in the Latrobe Valley and spent his childhood travelling Victoria with an itinerant SEC family. By his early twenties he was living in Melbourne playing in bands ultimately forming the Weddings, Parties Anything group which disbanded in 1998. He is currently defying gravity with Squeezebox Wally and the Roving Commission and when not lugging his sorry arse down the highway is a card carrying member of the Old Fathers of Northcote Society. Like most guitarists his age he is looking for a lighter amplifier. He is the author of Mick Thomas: These are the days.

Julia Thorn

Julia turned to running relatively late in life after having three children.

She is uniquely qualified to write Passion for Distance, as one of the very few runners in the world to have completed a hundred marathons. She tells her story with an unbridled enthusiasm which is sure to inspire.

Julia has previously published six books on running, cycling and walking and has freelanced for many running, triathlon and cycling magazines in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Diana Trask

Diana was one of the first popular Australian singers to be successful in the USA and many others followed: Helen Reddy, Olivia Newton-John and in recent times Keith Urban. American audiences have fond memories of Diana’s appearances on the television series Sing Along with Mitch then her hit songs on the Country Billboard charts and her Australian fans will remember The Diana Trask Show. She is the author of Whatever Happened to Diana Trask.