Meet Our Authors

John Adams

John Adams

John Adams served for 28 years as the Executive Officer of the Australian Jumping Racing Association from its’ foundation in 1978, through to 2006. He was also the Secretary of the Australian Trainers Association (Victorian Branch) from 1979 to 1987. He maintains a strong interest in jumping racing and is a columnist with Winning Post. He is the author of Over the Hurdles: The History of Jumping Racing in Australia

Alison Alexander


With an architect as her father and a journalist as her mother, it's hardly suprising that Alison's vocation would eventually embrace both discaplines. Having worked as a writer, designer, columinist, editor and copywriter, Alison now spends much of her time researching and documenting 1950s and 1960s architecture. She lives in Beaumaris in a mid-century modern house designed by her father's firm in 1957 and furnished with many of the pieces inherited from the family home she grew up in and where her love of modernist design was born. Alison's passion lead her to be co-author of Beaumaris Modern.

Paul Amy


Paul Amy is a sports journalist at Leader Newspapers and Inside Football. He spent most of his childhood in Fish Creek, South Gippsland, where his neighbour and former Richmond player, John Ryan, regaled him with tales about Captain Blood, Jack Dryer. He first watched football in the outer at Victoria Park, Collingwood, with his father, Bill, and can still remember the sight of big Len Thompson breasting the banner. He was also an avid viewer of VFA matches telecast on Channel 0. Paul is married with three daughters. He is the author of Fabulous Fred: The Strife and Times of Fred Cook

Charles Anderson


Dr Charles Anderson is a Landscape Architect and Artist in the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University with over thirty years experience making and exhibiting work in Australia and around the world. Charles has a distinguished international reputation as an interdisciplinary artist and designer, and has received numerous awards for his work across the art and design professions. He contributed to The Exchange at Knowledge Market: An Urban Living Lab

Hana Assafiri


Hana Assafiri, head cook and owner of iconic Melbourne institution Moroccan Soup Bar, describes the restaurant as, ‘a vision where everyone who visited felt their senses were stimulated. To share experiences and walk away a little changed as a consequence’. Hana is the author of Moroccan Soup Bar: Recipes of a Spoken Menu.

Fiona Austin


Fiona established Austin Design Associates 20 years ago. After completing her education in both fine art and design, she worked for several interior design magazines, including Home Beautiful, The Period Home Renovator, Belle and The Age’s ‘Home’ section, while also practicing as an interior designer. Fiona’s previous experience includes working as an interior designer with the Stonehenge Group before establishing her own design practice. She particularly enjoys the process of collaborating with her clients and with builders, cabinet makers, architects and building designers. Fiona also has a passion for 1950s and 60s architecture, particularly in Beaumaris. Fiona is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and has been a member since 1983. She is the co-author of Beaumaris Modern.

David Blissett


David Blisset is an award-winning Australian writer who has contributed three entries to the Award Winning Australian Writing series spanning from 2011-2013. He has served as a co-writer on Melbourne Books' titles including Snake Catcher (with Tony Harrison) and Our Primate Family (with Lou Grossfeldt). Blisset served as the writing coordinator for Reflections of Elephants (by Bobby-Jo Clow) which was released in 2016. 

John Bois


Author of The Dingoes' Lament, John Bois is the bass player of the Dingoes. He currently lives in Florida, USA, where he teaches high school biology.