December Competitions

30th November 2017

*WARNING: Christmas references ahead*

It is the first day of December, which is jolly good because there's nothing like feeling festive and merry to inspire us to feel positive and enter writing competitions. Let us be busy little elves and get typing to bring our readers joy and cheer.

Notes from the Field 2017

Flyway is looking for nonfiction about place of up to 7500 words. It can be written as a personal essay, researched essay, epistolary essay, memoir you name it - as long as it's true and about place, you're eligible.

Entry: $12 USD

Prizes: $1000 USD for first prize

Closing: 31 December 2017


Nature and Place Poetry Competition 2018

The Railto, Britain's leading independent poetry magazine is teaming up with RSPB, BirdLife International and the Cambridge Conservation Initiaive. They are after poetry about nature and place - terms which will be given wide interpretation by the judges.

Entry: £6 - 3.50 depending on how many poems you submit

Prizes: £1000 first prize, £500 second prize

Closing: 1 March 2018


Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest 2018

Got a short story about our changing climate? There's no better competition for you. Short fiction about the change in climate, humanit and Earth written in English by anyone over 18 is what this contest is all about.

Entry: none

Prizes: $1000 USD for first prize, $50 USD for nine finalists

Closing: 28 Febuary 2018


Women's National Book Association's 6th Annual Writing Contest

The WNBA writing contest, which includes fiction, non-fiction, YA fiction and poetry is now open. This lovely prize is open to women writing in English from anywhere in the world, as long as they can accept the prize in USD. Previously published work is accepted.

Entry: $20

Prizes: $250 cash prizes for winner of each category

Closing: 1 March 2018