MELBOURNE LAUNCH of Solomon's Noose - Tuesday 18th of August @6pm

MELBOURNE LAUNCH of Solomon's Noose - Tuesday 18th of August @6pm


The True Story of Her Majesty’s Hangman of Hobart Town 
By Steve Harris

The story of a young convict, Solomon Blay, who became Her Majesty's hangman in Van Diemen's Land; the man who personally had to deliver an Empire's judgment on 200 men and women, and endured his own noose of personal demons and demonisation in order to "survive"; all in the context of the great struggles of good-evil, life-death, hope-despair, which drew the attention of Darwin, Twain, Trollope and Dickens as Van Diemans Land evolved from a Hades of Evil to sow the seeds of nationhood.

The book is written by by Steve Harris, who is a fourth-generation Tasmanian. Reignited by recent research into his own family history, which includes convicts, policemen and settlers, the book covers aspects of Australia’s national story largely forgotten or untold.

Steve Harris has 30 years experience in journalism, media and high-performance organisations. He is the only person to have been editorial head of both of Melbourne’s major media groups: Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Age, and Editor-in-Chief of the Herald and Weekly Times Group. He was founding Editor of The Sunday Age, and has also been CEO of Melbourne FC and founding director of the Centre for Leadership and Public Interest, and served on the boards of the Australian Children's Television Foundation and Victorian Arts Centre. Solomon's Noose is his first book.


Date: Tuesday 18th of August 
Time: 6:00pm 
Venue: Readings Hawthorn 
Cost: FREE 
Bookings: email or book through Readings