AWAW 2017 Spotlight—Miguel Jacq

2nd November 2017

We at Melbourne Books want to support local writers as much as we canthat's what AWAW is all about, after all. So we thought we would share some extracts from the 10th anniversary edition of the series.

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flowers of distant season

by Miguel Jacq

Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Award 2016 (‘Open’ Category)


did you reflect on the possibility 

that your glass could still 


bloom, gift organic beauty to grime, 

stack your chances on the mosses 


that conspire to dress you? 

these layers were sand once, no 


use denying it: your hue still 

hints ocean, but is opaque about 


soft clarity of youth—fluids that 

moved you before winter overlapped, 


etched a memory on stiffening skin 

some flower of distant season. 


This poem is an ekphrastic response to the artwork ‘I found you in the garden. Someone left you there’ by Hannah Bertram.